Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Hey folks,  Exciting things are in the works on this side of the treeline.  I have joined forces with Robert Munilla (Practical Survivor) and Mikhail Merkrov (Merk Wares and Emberlit) in a joint effort called PACECOUNT.  Our goal is to simply go into the wilderness often and learn, explore and create, with a healthy dose of humility and humor.  We make no claims other than to learn and have fun doing it.  We have grouped up to go out and just be present in nature and see what it has to teach us.  We have all spent more than enough time in the wild to understand how much it can truly suck.  The goal here is not to go out and show you our suffering, but to have a comfortable experience and enjoy simply being outside.  After all, if every time you go in the woods it is a suck-fest, you will be less likely to go.  We have been doing this together for a few years and now we have decided to take you along for the ride.  We have crossed a milestone and now we just want to be brothers, enjoy the outdoors and see what the world has to teach us.  We hope that you can join us for this exciting and probably slightly humiliating experience. Start by connecting with us on Facebook and Instagram, we have individual presences on YouTube and our permanent website is coming very soon, but we posted a temp just for you.   We hope that you will connect with us and we will see you in the wilderness.  

(Robert Munilla)    Practical Survivor Blog

(Mikhail Merkerov) MerkWares LLC    MerkWares Channel

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