Monday, April 6, 2020

SDP 007 IF YOU DO THIS YOU MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE | The root of all evil is...

#envy #comparison #goals
o The only useful comparison is myself now to myself yesterday.
o Admire but don’t compare, comparison is counterproductive.
o If the feed makes you envious then stop following it.
o Who do you envy and why?
o You don’t know what is going on behind the scenes.
o Attention and admiration are both modern currencies.
o Give your attention to the pages and things that improve your life not those that rob you of confidence and self-worth.
o Give yourself permission to experiment and fail, grow your empire one failure at a time.
o Embrace discomfort, growth doesn’t happen in a comfort zone.
o Does someone else have to lose if you win?
o My goal is help you find your path to happiness and success; however, you define that.
In this episode we are going to uncover the root of all evil.  The one thing that we do, sometimes daily that is destroying our self-image and our self-worth.  This monster is envy and comparison.  As long as “man” has maintained possessions there has been someone that has been envious and sought to either achieve the status or to relieve the owner of theirs.   Are you an achiever or a reliever?  Listen to the podcast figure out there is something you can do to move closer to your happiness and farther from the things that destroy your own self-image. 
Special thanks to "Unveil the Strength" for use of the song "Hells Never over",

Monday, March 9, 2020

The Socially Disabled Podcast

Just in case you are unaware, I have started a new Podcast called the "Socially Disabled Veterans Podcast."  It is available on YouTube and a bunch of audio platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcast.  Primarily my goal is to ease the struggle of transition out the military and on to a better life through this coaching medium.  If you are not a veteran you will still find a heap of good, actionable information that will help you improve your station in life.  Please feel free to connect with me via email, the comments sections, or reviews on the podcast platforms.  I hope you enjoy and benefit from the show.  -Norseman

Thursday, January 23, 2020

UNBOXING, ASSEMBLY, and TEST RUN on my new EFCUT C30 Chipper, Shredder,...

#woodchipper #chippershredder #homestead This video is for folks that are thinking about picking up a wood chipper for the homestead or garden. I did my research and settled on this one because it is inexpensive and does everything that I need from a chipper on my 8 acre homestead. I just figured that I would show you what I got just in case some of you might be interested. I have also provided an amazon Affiliate link below so you can find the exact one that I am featuring in this video. Hit the subscribe and notifications icon and by all means support this channel by sharing the video.