Thursday, June 16, 2016

PROOF Research Father’s Day barrel giveaway

I will say that only a couple weeks ago I took an Idaho black bear with a Proof Research 300 WINMAG with carbon fiber barrel.   It  was graciously loaned to a charitable foundation for use on disabled veteran hunts.  They are good people doing good things and deserve any support that you can give them, and hey, who couldn't use a free barrel...?

The PROOF Research Father’s Day barrel giveaway will be ending soon. They would like to remind everyone to enter if they haven't already done so. There are plenty of ways to do it, and many opportunities to win. PROOF has been giving away a rifle barrel a week for a while now, each up to $1,000 in value.
Enter the PROOF Research “CELEBRATING OUR HEROES” Father’s Day Contest!

·Enter their contest by subscribing to their newsletter

·Watch their video “Inside PROOF” for 10 additional chances to win

· Click on the additional links for up to 20 chances to win one of three carbon fiber barrels, any style AR or Bolt, your choice.

You can enter here:

There are many reasons to use a PROOF Research barrel; dependability, repeatable accuracy and barrel life not least among them.

"We’re not saying the barrel is the most important part of your rifle but excellent quality sure helps when you’re reaching out past 1000 yards."PROOF Research

Some things to note:

•Extended barrel life. Thanks to the heat dispersion properties of the carbon fiber wrap, PROOF Research carbon fiber barrels last a conservative 25% longer than others. They have many testimonials from customers who tell them they’ve put 15,000 rounds or more through a barrel with no POI (Point of Impact) shift.

• Accuracy and dependability. Thanks in no small part to the lapping process perfected by PROOF's Mike Rock and the advanced technology they've developed, PROOF barrels are repeatedly reliable. As they say, there is a reason so many of the best competitive rifle shooters in the world use a PROOF Research barrel – and a reason their carbon fiber barrels are the only ones approved by USSOCOM for U.S. SOF personnel.

Monday, February 1, 2016

What KNOT to tie episode 1

This is the official debut of my wife Angel, on the Survivology 101 YouTube channel.  Go check us out, leave a comment and subscribe.  See you on the next one, ENJOY!  NM

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Clearly Filtered canteen

Here is a review that I did of the Clearly Filtered military style canteen for Survivology101 YouTube channel. If you like it subscribe to the channel and share it with others.

Enjoy NM

Clearly Filtered on Amazon

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Channel Promo

I finally got off my ass and posted a new channel promo on Youtube for Survivology 101.  My editing software is limiting but at least my new camera is good.  Now I really need to learn how to use it and how to properly edit the footage.  In any event, it is posted so enjoy. NM

Saturday, January 23, 2016

One Tree Shelter

So, in February 2015, a few of the Brother of Bushcraft (myself included)  gathered at Caleb Musgrave's training grounds in Canada.  We had a blast, learned a lot and cemented our brotherhood.  We also shot a lot of video footage.  Although the sound quality is lacking and some of the framing is off,  I still think that it makes for some good footage.

This video is a one tree shelter that you can build quickly if you find that that you need to take shelter from a storm.  Before you jump on me about "killing the tree", the tree was getting cut down anyway to harvest the resources for Canadian Bushcraft to educate some youngsters about their first nation identity and craft techniques.  We simply capitalized on the opportunity to show an emergency technique that we would otherwise not be practicing.  ENJOY NM