Friday, February 27, 2015

My adventures in Photography!

DSLR Camers and accessories

Heilsa folks, It sure has been a while...
I recently took a trip with the "Brothers of Bushcraft" to Canada, just to have a little fun and relaxation.  What I found while there, is that my camera equipment was piss poor.

I don't usually blog about tech stuff but I don't think I have ever put a restriction on myself for what I can blog about we go.   My cheap video and still cameras seemed to die almost immediately as soon as they were brought out in the cold.  Even with the 5 batteries that I had, I couldn't manage to record a full scene in the sub zero temperatures.  The other guys cameras seemed to hold up just fine and keep a charge for a long period of time.  The others all had one version or another of the modern DSLR variety so as soon as I got home I started researching them.  What I decided on was one in the upper echelon of the entry level DSLR variety.  I got a Nikon D5200 kit from Amazon and I will never look back.  Applying some of the photography training that I got as a Marine Sniper I was quickly able to take advantage of most of the major features without simply putting the camera on auto.  A few clever YouTube searches revealed some of the more advanced features and how to use them also. What I found is that I would have saved a ton of money and frustration, if I had gone this route earlier.  I cannot imagine how many great photos I would have if I had a camera like this years ago.  There are plenty of less expensive and more expensive DSLR cameras to choose from and this one just happened to suit my needs.  If you are the type of person that enjoys spending time out doors, shooting video, photos or just hunting with a lens, it is time to upgrade.  Later this year Ill be attending a guide/packer course and I cannot wait to get out there and shoot everything in sight.  Here are a couple of pictures so you can judge for yourself.  Keep in mind that this is just me running out to my backyard to show some basic capabilities of my camera.  I will learn more as I go and hopefully glean the ability to show you my adventures as I see them, not as my old cheap cameras allowed me.  

So here we go, my adventures in Photography:

This just some weeds in the yard but this level of detail can make it very easy to photograph unknown plants so that I can identify them later.

Have you ever seen a simple pine cone look so artsy?  This kind of depth can only be achieved with the right equipment.  The ability to separate the subject from the background can open all kinds of doors in the word of outdoor photography.    

This is just a dead tree among a bunch of live ones,  Nothing special until you add a zoom lens and shoot it with the color separator function.

Now it is stunning,  what a cool feature.  I can imagine all kinds of ways to use this out on my adventures.  

These are shot with the same color separator feature used with a little more subtlety than before.  Its amazing how it draws you in.

Just a woodpile, slightly overexposed,  can you imagine what the weather is like outside?  Looks warm and sunny doesn't it?  It was actually cold and overcast...In fact we had a lite dusting of snow yesterday.  

I just included this one because I liked it,  not sure why, but it is visually pleasing to me.  

This may be the coolest feature! Below is a hand held shot with the camera on auto and the popup flash engaged, taken off my front porch.  It looks like a pretty standard night shot, however, the shot below was taken just minutes later.

In this shot I put the camera on (M) manual, mounted it on a tripod and adjusted the exposure, ISO, and aperature.  It probably sat there with the shudder open for 30 or more seconds just exposing the sensor to any and all light. Now that is amazing! 

You know that I see pictures online all the time that make me wish I could do that.  I am no professional and I have almost no training.  I now understand why the photo-guru types love it so much.  It really is cool to take amazing photographs to remember your woodland excursions. 

Modern DSLR cameras come with all kinds of cool accessories like lenses, filters GPS and WiFi adapters and some even have it built in.  The in camera editing is just amazing.  All of the above pictures are shown exactly like they were shot without any editing, save putting on my watermark.

If you are interested I am putting a link below that you can follow and check out what is available.  I could not be happier that I finally moved up and I am sure you will be also.  everybody sees the world differently so you might as well have the ability to show it exactly how YOU see it..Right?

Be well, Norseman