Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ANARCHY is upon us...

Hello Everyone!
For some reason my time between blog posts keep getting farther & farther apart.  Sometimes I forget that I am now supposed to be a "blogger"   I also get it stuck in my head that I need to write a whole big blog post, instead of just a little one.  For this post though I plan on going big! :)
Norseman is a now a MOVIE STAR!!! 
Hahaha, I'm just kidding...well sort of.  Norseman is in a wicked cool new web series called Anarchy The Series. 
Anarchy is a No Budget original series from Ervin Studios in Spokane Washington.  Ervin Studios has produced successful television campaigns, short films, music videos and much more.  This production house has won multiple awards over the past 8 years!
Anarchy is an original series written by Dale Fruit.   Anarchy takes place 9 years after the fall of the American Government.  The  primary characters in Anarchy consider past Governments, past leaders, some of the great philosophical thinkers as they work to build a new society that maximizes liberty and minimizes tyranny. 
Anarchy The Series made its debut September 2013.  There are as of right now 2 episodes available and episode 3 is in pre-production.  Here are some behind the scenes photos from the first 2 episodes.



Now that these photos of Anarchy has wetted your are the episodes :)
Anarchy Episode I
Anarchy Episode II (mild graphic violence & an F-Bomb)
Keep in mind that this wicked ass series is a NO-budget production.  The cast and crew are all volunteers and love what they do.  You can follow Anarchy on Facebook, just click the link below and like their Facebook page to get updates & behind the scenes photos on upcoming episodes.
Don't forget to invite all your friends to their page and share their videos!!!
Maybe if we get Anarchy to go viral, they can get a budget and we can all be Chillaxing on the couch watching it on the big screen!
Norseman says..."Now go spread it like VD"!