Monday, August 12, 2013

Sharp pointy things

Hello again,  I'm back!  I have been posting mostly on fun stuff and the start up process for our homestead, but today I thought I would post about work.  Not my work, there is nothing exciting or glamorous about 4 little Heathens demanding all your time and energy.  As I type this Baby Girl is starving to death! (She hasn't eaten for a whole 2 hours)!!!  You must have figured it out by now, I am talking about Norseman's work :)  Since retiring from the Marine Corps he has put all of his time and energy into his knife shop.  Many, many times I sit out there with him and watch him "work"  and each time I am amazed at what he creates.  Sometimes even after he calls it quits for the night, and we are enjoying a beer after a hard day of work, he will get an idea or a new design will pop into his head and back to the grind he will go.  Occasionally I have to remind him to eat and even force him to take a day off.  He loves what he does and each blade that he makes reflect that.   
This is how every knife starts out. 

Designs scribed and drilled.

Multiple designs in various stages of completion.

This is usually where I find Norseman when I go looking for him.

Grinding out the bevel.

 Ready for the Grind.
A Thors' Hammer during heat treat.

Custom Damascus Thors' Hammer Fire Striker.
The sparks from the above mentioned Thor's Hammer Fire Striker.

No this is not just a picture of his ass...Check out the side mounted kydex sheath.
Grinding out a Thors' Hammer.

Heat treat.

After making many blades for others, I told him to make one for himself.  This is what he made, a Damascus Survivology...go big or go home!

A BushCrafter.

1st Generation...Orange & Black SERE Evader.  The newer models are slightly different.

Umm...yeah, another side mounted sheath :)
This one's in leather.
 Black on Red SERE. 

SERE E-Tool, this model is undergoing a few changes.  You can see a video of the destruction test on the prototype at Norseman's website 

Carbon Fiber Trapper with a Hog's Tooth parasite.  This is yet another time I told the old man to make himself something, and he was sneaky and made two!

Trapper & Hog's Tooth
Norseman "playing" with fire! 
He used his BushCrafter model (as shown above) as a bearing block for a bow drill fire.

The Patriot

Another Patriot

Green Trapper.
Green & Black Survivology.

Norseman almost has more Hammers than Knives on him...almost
...but not quite ;)
Brushed Steel Trapper.
Custom Damascus Survivology
Norseman standing on his SERE E-Tool during the destruction test video.
That's all the picture's I will share for now.  Living in the middle of "nowhere" means your internet sucks! 
If you guys aren't satisfied, and still want to see more of Norseman. 
Check out his pages!
Survivalhardware @ Facebook
NorsemanLVMC @ Youtube
read Norseman's articles in Survival Quarterly Magazine.