Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chillaxing :)

We spent the whole day celebrating Independence Day at this beautiful lake with great friends.  The kids went swimming, canoeing, rafting, and jet skiing. 
Karen Hood and Egil. 

Karen & Sasha. 
After the lake, we camped out at Trace Rinaldi & his brother Cory's property.  We set off a bunch of fireworks for the kids (and adults).  Much to our happiness and Trace's regret he promised to make us all breakfast burritos in the morning.  Little did he know that he would be making them in just a handful of hours :)

While we were waiting for breakfast, Norseman, Karen and I went four wheeling with all the kids.  We went through this creepy tunnel that was probably a mile long.  My headlights didn't work and all the boys and I could see was Karen's tail lights in front of us and Norseman's headlights behind us, and... beautiful daylight so far out of reach.  About halfway through the tunnel I reminded the boys of the movie "I am Legend" they said that was NOT cool of me!  The 3 of us breathed a sigh of relief when we got through the tunnel...that was until we turned around and went back into it!
Chilling at Luke Swenson place. 
He like the rest of us in North Idaho lives out in the middle of nowhere :) 

The kids wanted to roast hotdogs at Luke's, but first they had to build a fire ring.
They also had to gather wood.
Sasha loves her Auntie Karen! 
Yet another get together! This time at our place.  (left to right)
Luke Swenson, Norseman, and Joshua Swanagon.
 Egil's face, after watching his brothers use the axe to chop firewood.
Egil & Sasha built a shelter to keep the sun off of them. 
SQ's Gangsta Squad :)
(left to right)
Cory, Karen, Luke, Norseman, and Joshua.
Hope you enjoyed my pictures!