Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good...
This year we celebrated Memorial Day at a beautiful bay in Northern Idaho.  We spent the day fishing, boating, jet skiing, and laughing with amazing friends that we consider family.  We ate the most amazing chili verde pork tacos and homemade shrimp salsa with chips.  Hail to the chef!
Norseman escaping from the chaos of his wife and kids.
He didn't get too far before the kids ruined his escape plan.  They played a boat game of chicken with dad and even threatened to hook his rubber boat with their fishing pole.

A couple of Baywatch Babes! 
Karen Hood & Baby Girl :)

Karen and Egil making waves. 
Egil thought it was so cool that his glasses were covered in water spots.  Norseman's  kids are speed demons...who would have thunk it?

Baby girl and Edge decided to take the boat out by themselves.

Norseman again trying to escape!
The Bad...
After such a wonderful day of being carefree and enjoying life, we came home to find out that our two big dogs Saga & Skathi (mother & daughter) had successfully executed a prison break.  Our little dog Ella was left behind cause we crated her before we left.  This isn't the first time that our (my) naughty dogs had escaped.  They have done it their whole lives and it scares the hell out of me cause I always imagine bad things happing to them.  This time it did...

Porcupine Quills
The Ugly...
Saga (momma)
...Saga was found about 10 miles away.  She had crawled under someone's porch.  They spent an hour getting her out from under it and took her to the local vet.  The vet found us through her micro chip.  The picture was taken by the vet, what you can't see is that the quills were also in the back of her throat, tongue,  roof of her mouth, and the bottom of her paws.  She was unable to close her mouth. At that time we had no idea where Skathi was...
Skathi (daughter)
Late afternoon we picked Saga up from the vet and drove home only to find Skathi under her tree in the backyard waiting for us.  With only 45 minutes till the vet closed for the night, I drove her back to town for treatment.
Saga & Skathi are always together, we have had them for about 12 years now.  Saga has always been protective of Skathi.
Norseman believes that Skathi took the first hit from the porcupine because she was curious, and that Saga took a much larger hit because she destroyed the porcupine that hurt her pup.  It is almost a rage that Saga goes in when Skathi is threatened.  Another time that the dogs had gotten out Norseman found Saga ramming a chain link fence with her head over and over, each time getting a running start, and she bent it all to hell, all because Skathi was stuck on the other side.  Now my dogs are chained to a tree again cause they can't stay home and be happy with the half dozen acres that they have. 
How is it that I seem to own the naughtiest animals?!?!?
Naughty Rooster...
Naughty Dogs...
What's next?...Bunnicula!