Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our coop du jour

We are finally finished with our chicken coop!  All we need now is a half dozen hens to move in :)  We had a great time building this together and learned so much. 

We got this paint at home depot on the reject rack for 7 dollars.

This was baby girls first time painting, she did such a good job.

Laying a shingle for an overhang.

Norseman and I decide we didn't like our Hammer windows, it was to much ventilation, so we ending up changing it.  The paint for the trim, we got at Ace hardware on the reject rack for 5 bucks.  Both cans of paint were 1 gallon exterior semi-gloss.

We built a roost out of downed trees on our land.

We also decide not to waste 50 bucks or so on scrap linoleum for the chickens to crap on, instead Norseman came up with the idea to lay a tarp on the floor, and cover it with straw.  So when it is time to clean the coop, all we have to do is pull the tarp out of the *poop shoot* and drag it to the compost pile. 

Here is our cute little coop all finished! 

A view from the side with our rabbit hutch included.  Norseman also trimmed up the trees around them.

 The chicken Hoff is complete!

The back/side of the coop.

Drink up Norseman!  You earned it!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I AM..............WORTHY!!!!!

Because I have blogged successfully over the past week or so Norseman has deemed me worthy of my own log in on Survivology101 :)  I think he is just enjoying being lazy and doesn't have to blog anything if I do it for him.  What do you guys think?????

Anyway.....just thought I would share some more pictures of our chicken coop.  It is coming along beautifully and is almost finished. 

Putting up the fence.

We plan on our chickens being free range but wanted a little fence for those times that we want to keep them cooped up.  Eventually we will add a wire roof to the fence.

The chicks loved it!  They stayed in the shade today though.....I think they were a little afraid of the sunlight. 
These are wood panels that we pulled up from our garage floor (there was a small strip laid out in the garage for some reason) We re-purposed them for the chicken coop roof.

We laid out a tarp on the roof and then "shingled" it with our re-purposed panels.

This is what I call the "poop shoot" I will be able to push out all the nasty used straw onto a tarp on the ground and drag it over to the compost bin.

Outside of the poop shoot :)....aka the butthole.

Installing the dividers for the nesting boxes.

Can't wait to see my nesting boxes filled with either eggs or a broody hen & her chicks.

The door to the coop.

This is where we stopped for the day.  We managed to get it fenced, shingled, secured with a door and the nesting boxes finished. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bawk bawk barracks day 2

Got the walls up.

Designing a chicken door in his head.


Outside of chicken door with ramp.

Norseman put the chicken door on a pulley system!

Can't wait to use it for my chickens!

Putting up trusses.

Loving my new coop.

Norseman put Thors' Hammers in the front and the back of the coop, for ventilation.  Now it matches my rabbit hutch.

Inside of the coop.
That is all we got done today, so tomorrow will be day 3 on our bawk bawk barracks :)
Here is a little video of our chicks enjoying a yummy treat!