Saturday, June 23, 2012

Exercising FREE WILL

For starters this is a test to check and see if I can post to my blog
via email. If it doesn't work you will never know, if you are reading
this post then I have succeeded.

I think that occasionally the people in my office think that I am
stark raving mad. I have an impulsive personality because I trained
my brain to be non confirmative in a sense, to cope with all the
conformity necessary to function in the military. Just as an example:

Friday, June 22, 2012

Solving the national debt

Solving the national debt.  

If the government sold advertising on paper money, say a laser printed line on the bottom edge of a dollar bill, at the face value of the bill, our money would be paid for.  The smaller the bill the sooner it would be out of circulation.  The larger the bill the more wealthy the demographic and the longer it would be in circulation.  As the money is destroyed the cost is profit and the ad is expired.  The newly printed money would be sold again.  Eventually in place of a "certificate of debt" we would be exchanging a "certificate of wealth."  Every dollar printed would be paid for with advertising and in time would actually be generating a profit.  What better place to advertise than on the actual money used to buy your products.  How else can you buy an add for a dollar that could end up gaining sales anywhere in the world and stay in circulation for five years or more, and be right there when people are ready to spend money?