Sunday, April 29, 2012


received this guest post from Docwatmo some time ago and I didn't have access to my blog to put it up for you.  Thanks for your patience with me.  If you enjoy this you should pop on over to his page and add it to your favorites,  I assure you that he is allot more consistent with his blog than I am with mine .  ENJOY! NM 

What is Survival? 
Survival is a Step, read on and you’ll get the idea.
There has been a lot of discord in the “Survival” world with some trying to classify groups of survivors, which is human nature so we won’t beat it up.  As people we tend to like to categorize things for our own reference.  However, the term survival itself can mean many things.   You survive a car accident, are you a survivor?  Well, what is survival then?  Is it just living, period, doesn’t matter if you’re doing anything other than the basic necessities (Food, water, shelter) to survive?  Many homeless people do that on a