Sunday, November 13, 2011

A cut above the rest

Here are a couple of pictures of some knives that I finished up this weekend.  As you can see the overall design has not changed much but I am still refining some of the finer details.  The "Hammond" shown is false, It is a product of finishing not of tempering. I liked the way that it looked so I developed it a little.  The pictures do not do the knives or the finish justice.  It seems to me that my next project should be learning how to photograph a blade.  For starters I need better lighting.  Overall though I just wanted to get them up here because I said that I would.  The second one and the last one are the two that I put in previous post about my shop.  Hope you like the knives there will be many many more to come and you can take the journey with me as I grow and refine my technique. 

O-1 Tool steel
Oil hardened triple tempered 

Brass pins, black and red linen micarta scales

 Brass pins, black and red linen micarta scales

 Brass pins, Canvas and paper micarta scales

I hope you like the knives! Now I have to go make some leather sheaths and get these babies in the mail.