Saturday, January 23, 2016

One Tree Shelter

So, in February 2015, a few of the Brother of Bushcraft (myself included)  gathered at Caleb Musgrave's training grounds in Canada.  We had a blast, learned a lot and cemented our brotherhood.  We also shot a lot of video footage.  Although the sound quality is lacking and some of the framing is off,  I still think that it makes for some good footage.

This video is a one tree shelter that you can build quickly if you find that that you need to take shelter from a storm.  Before you jump on me about "killing the tree", the tree was getting cut down anyway to harvest the resources for Canadian Bushcraft to educate some youngsters about their first nation identity and craft techniques.  We simply capitalized on the opportunity to show an emergency technique that we would otherwise not be practicing.  ENJOY NM

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