Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tops Knives / Norseman - SNAP Kit

UPDATE: My S.N.A.P. Kit is now available but supplies are still extremely limited. 
S.N.A.P. Kit on Amazon

I have been working with TOPS Knives USA to produce my second knife design with them.  My first design is the HOG 4.5.  I did not Blog about it but that will be coming soon.  This post is about my latest blade which actually comes in a small tin survival kit. The SNAP Card (Survival Needs And Preparedness.)  The little tool that fills some big shoes when it comes to survival in the wilderness.

We all have different ideals about what makes the perfect outdoor and survival blade.  This is what makes the knife industry so diverse and exciting.  But for all the millions of designs out there I could not find a single one that fit snugly in an altoids tin and could also be used for more than skinning a sparrow.  So I set out to design one.  What I came up up with is the SNAP Card.  The tool itself comes in the SNAP Kit produced by TOPS Knives.  It is 1095 HC Steel with a coating of Ceracoat in canyon red.  It is 1/8" thick and it has sort of a modified chisel grind on the two cutting edges.  We are still working out the price for the kit but it is rumored to fall somewhere within the 50.00 range.  All in all, a fair price for a pre-fab survival kit with contents that are actually useful and complete.  The full kit weighs in at just 5 oz and the blade alone is 2oz.  So at 5 oz and about the size of a pack of cigarettes you can carry it practically everywhere and never leave home without the ability to survive a few uncomfortable nights stranded in the wilderness.

the kit contains:
1 SNAP Card Knife
1 Metal storage box
1 Fresnel lens
1 Signal whistle (126 Db)
1 Button compass
1 Cotton pad
12' Orange marking tape
25' Fishing line
2 Fish hooks
12' Nano cord
1 Sail needle
2 Safety pins
1 P38 can opener
1 Ferro rod
1 Acrylic signal mirror
1 Heavy rubber band
1 ID card

As you can see from the contents list that this kit contains just about everything that you need to get you through a rough day or two.  It lacks any major sized water container but that is a small trade off.  You can always boil and drink water directly out of the metal tin and there is almost always some trash around that you can put water in.  So here is a bunch of pictures of the tool in use.  Take a look and comment below to let me know what you think.

 Truncating a small tree for shelter or tools

  Hide scraping and removing hair from hide leather...or anything else that needs a good scraping.

Traditional cutting and game preparation tasks.

Bark scraping and truncating for traps and camp tools.

Notching and battoning for traditional camp chores and processing resources.

 Starting a bow drill or hand drill divot and notching the hearth.

Prepping wild edibles and shaving up some fuzz sticks.

Prepping some birch bark for camp tools or fire making, same techniques used to cut leather and prep meat for smoking and drying.

Attaches to a staff for the big chores.

Reach the resources up high without the risk of climbing the tree.

Defend yourself and your camp in the woods or anywhere you need to.  Also useful for dispatching live game caught in your traps.

So there it is, the SNAP Card,  the most useful tool that you can fit in a pocket survival kit.  here are a couple of other options for carry that I have been working on.

The first picture is an I phone case with credit card slot that I picked up at the dollar store.  The second is a Kydex neck sheath that I whipped up in the garage...Perhaps I can find someone to produce them in the future.

I hope that you enjoyed this sneak preview of the SNAP Kit from Tops Knives and I hope that you can see the endless possibilities that it presents for the true survivor.  After all, the key to survival is adaptation and imagination.  With the right mindset and some basic tools you can survive anything that comes at you.

UPDATE:My S.N.A.P. Kit is now available but supplies are still extremely limited.

Be Well, Norseman


  1. I think it's awesome! Is there a tentative release date for the kit? This little beauty would come in real handy around the fire pit as well.
    -Tony Miler

  2. Nice little tool, sure there would be a nice bit of interest this side of the pond too.

  3. Badass!! And multi-functional! Have you tried sparking with flint? Never been a fan of pre-made Altoids tin survival kits... until now! Let us know when they're ready for purchase. Keep Doing the Stuff!

  4. Very cool! I really like the kydex sheath you made too.

  5. Definitely a buy ,great stocking stuffers,lol.seriously,keep us notified about availability.great kit.

  6. Nice gear, great design! When will be available?

    1. Hi. It's November 23rd and I can't find the SNAP kit anywhere. Is it available? Can I order it?

  7. I'm from Washington and it looks good for over here

  8. I'm not supper interested in the rest of the kit, but I will probably buy it just to get the knife.

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  11. I just bought a cheapo credit card style multitools to play with for $5.99. I'll grab one of these as soon as they are available and do a comparison review. Something tells me it will be an exercise in why you don't use cheap gear. This is bad ass. A REAL card tool, not a gimmicky wishful thinking card tool. I'd love to see a snap in magnifying glass that fills the circular hole, that would be a nifty add on. Keep the good stuff coming brother!! ~Docwatmo

  12. an updated version of the SNAP card with integrated bottle opener cut into it would be awesome !

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  14. I just boiffy an ESEE 5 which is a huge knife. The sheath for it from ESEE has an altoids sized can in a pouch and since it is such a big knife I was trying to find a knife that would fit in the tin but could fill a big role, I just did! Thanks for being so inventive and completing my kit, I will order soon if these other guys leave me one! :)

  15. I have been working with TOPS Knives USA to produce my second knife design with them. ...

  16. Hey, my name is Dave and I was wondering how much it would cost for you to make me one of those kydex sheath for the S.N.A.P card.