Thursday, May 2, 2013

This is the life!

Chance found her a nice quiet place to roost.

Buri, he is to cute!
Buri checking out his lady Ostara.  He is in love :)
Lovely little green sprouts!
Today we finally finished our garden!  Now we just need the frost to end.
Next project, finish the green house.  Norseman's *honey do list* is never ending!

A new assault on the gophers??? 
Nah, he is chopping down young sapling for our greenhouse :)
(would make for some cool pictures though ;)

Poor sapling!  Is nothing safe from Norseman wrath!

Probably should have helped him instead of taking pictures.
Can't wait to have this finished.  It looks amazing!

After a hard day of work we kicked our feet up and enjoyed a few beers together.


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