Sunday, May 12, 2013

Morchella Esculenta!

Morchella Esculenta!
While transplanting our raspberry bushes the other day, we came across a patch of Yellow Morel Mushrooms. 

Norseman slicing open a Morel using his Damascus Survivology.
Ensuring that the mushroom is hollow as the field guild describes.

Our lovely little patch.

Even though Norseman knew what he had found, he still double checked it with information in the field guides.  Norseman says..."The look-alikes have a different over all shape and/or chambered caps.  You can never be too sure, when mushroom hunting.  You have to consider the season and the habitat, if they don't match then its not what you think it is.    When in doubt, the only way to be 100% sure is to check the spores under a microscope or do a chemical test.  If you have any doubt, throw it out!" ~NM

After Norseman harvested the Morel's he transplanted them to a new home. 
This was the beginning of the drying process.

This is what they looked like after drying them for about 12 hours.

Norseman was very pleased with his bounty :) 
Angel :)

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