Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I AM..............WORTHY!!!!!

Because I have blogged successfully over the past week or so Norseman has deemed me worthy of my own log in on Survivology101 :)  I think he is just enjoying being lazy and doesn't have to blog anything if I do it for him.  What do you guys think?????

Anyway.....just thought I would share some more pictures of our chicken coop.  It is coming along beautifully and is almost finished. 

Putting up the fence.

We plan on our chickens being free range but wanted a little fence for those times that we want to keep them cooped up.  Eventually we will add a wire roof to the fence.

The chicks loved it!  They stayed in the shade today though.....I think they were a little afraid of the sunlight. 
These are wood panels that we pulled up from our garage floor (there was a small strip laid out in the garage for some reason) We re-purposed them for the chicken coop roof.

We laid out a tarp on the roof and then "shingled" it with our re-purposed panels.

This is what I call the "poop shoot" I will be able to push out all the nasty used straw onto a tarp on the ground and drag it over to the compost bin.

Outside of the poop shoot :)....aka the butthole.

Installing the dividers for the nesting boxes.

Can't wait to see my nesting boxes filled with either eggs or a broody hen & her chicks.

The door to the coop.

This is where we stopped for the day.  We managed to get it fenced, shingled, secured with a door and the nesting boxes finished. 

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