Friday, May 24, 2013

Garden De-fence

Norseman and I have spent the last two days building a fence for our garden.  We have been waiting on the last frost to plant our seeds.  The day before the last frost our chickens went down our neat little rows and destroyed them!  So we decided we needed a fence sooner rather than later.  Hopefully it will keep out our naughty chickens, along with deer and hopefully even moose.  We still tried to build this on a budget and also managed to use our scrap tent poles that we consider using on our green house awhile back.  We figured it up and it cost us about $1.25 a foot, we ended up saving 50 cents a foot by using Home Depot's military discount.  :)

Norseman using batter boards and the 3-4-5 rule to square the fence.

You use 2 batter boards intersecting each corner and you slide the string left or right as need be until the corner is square.

3-4-5 rule...measure 3 feet on one string and 4 feet on the other, and the intersection will be 5 feet if the corner is square.  If not, adjust the strings until it is square.  Norseman said it is called Pythagoras theorem.

Driving in the fence post.

We moved the green house into the garden area, so our next project should be covering it.

Building the fence was fun...for me :) not sure how fun it was for Norseman.
Our rooster Braw came over to let Norseman know how he felt about the fence. 
"Come at me Braw"!

I'm Norseman's battle buddy, I keep watch while he works ;)

Since we didn't sink wooden corner posts for the corners we had to weld in braces for the gateway.

The frame for the gate is left over steel poles from a damaged easy-up.

Wiring the gate.

A new view of our homestead "Ydalir"

Hanging the gate.

He's a happy man, with some unhappy yardbirds!

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