Sunday, April 28, 2013

Whats up in the Survivalsphere

Well it has certainly been a while since I last posted.  The level of frustration that I have felt since last October has been virtually overwhelming.  I think that I have my bearings back and thought that this would be a good time to let you all in on the many changes that have taken place in the past few months.

Firstly, the scam artist Douche bags at

 Ancient Holdings, LLC
 100 Main Street
 1 8694662323

Have recently caught me not paying attention and bought "STOLE" from under my nose.  My auto renewal information changed and I didn't catch it in time.  They bought the name as they do when the domain owners are not paying attention then re route the existing traffic to there little scam sites.  They are bottom feeding shit eaters. 

Most recently I moved to North Idaho and I live on 8 acres.  WTF you say? Well I have retired from the Marine Corps, well not officially, actually I am on terminal leave right now but that is just a matter of protocol.  If you don't understand what that is...When we leave the service we are given the option to either sell back or take any unused vacation days on the books.  I opted to take those days so a have a couple of paychecks coming in to help get settled until my retired pay kicks in.

Given the new circumstance I seem to have a little more time to write and fill you in I just have to get past my terminal laziness and actually start doing it.  In reality the only reason that I am writing this one is that my better half wont get off my back about doing it.  So to her I have issued a challenge.  In that, she will be my co-blogger on this page.  She will probably post all kinds of pictures and "status updates" while I am thinking of some more thought provoking musings to write about.  Hopefully this works out well for us.  Who knows.  I really suck with keeping this little project up to date so anything is better than the nothing that I have been writing about lately.  So give a warm welcome to my beautiful wife and co blogger "Angel."

If you have not been paying attention then you have probably missed the last two issues of Survival Quarterly  Magazine of which I am a contributor.  I have recently had two articles published there, one on winter survival and the latest on tracking.  If you have not picked up a copy  yet, you should.

So getting back to Idaho.  Yesterday I was at the North Idaho Fairgrounds in Coeur D'Alene checking out the boat and RV show.  Actually I was just checking out the survival gear at the vendors and hanging out with Karen Hood at the Buck Knives booth.  It was a good time and nice to see everyone again.  Today I spent the entire day preparing the virgin ground for planting of this years garden.  Man this has been a chore, it helped out a ton when my neighbor stopped by with his tractor and tilled the ground for me. It is nice for a change to live in a community that has a sense of community.  In Mississippi I did not even know the people that I shared a fence with.  I recently built a nice little rabbit hutch and purchased a buck and two does to start our little rabbit meat  production.  We don't know much about it but we are learning and there are a lot of great people up here to learn from.  Additionally we are raising 24 chicks  12 for eggs and 12 for meat breeders.  It is not what I would call a farm but it should provide many things for me to do and put a little food in the coffers.

My little knife business has gained more momentum than I can handle.  I have actually had to turn away customers because I could not make them fast enough and provide the level of quality that I have promised.  I should have the shop back open soon.  I have not yet created a web site for the shop but you can see allot of my knives and things on my Facebook page "Survival Hardware".    

I recently received my technician class licence for amateur radio and I am quickly learning that the real learning begins after you get the license not before.  Fortunately HAMs are some of the most helpful people that you will ever meet (or talk too), and there is always someone willing to answer the questions of an IGNANT newbee.

My next couple of projects are a greenhouse made from some old junk that I have laying around and a chicken coop that will house 30+ chickens in the next few weeks.  I need to find a way to make some raised beds for the garden at little or no cost to me and I have to search for enough scraps to build a respectable fence around the livestock and the garden.  I have been at war with the groundhogs and I got a nice high power air rifle to deal with some of that problem.  For those of you that say "they re just doing what ground hogs do"  just consider that I am an accomplished Marine Sniper, I am just doing what snipers do.  Groundhogs dig shit and snipers kill shit.  You just can't change nature.   

Be Well


  1. Glad to see ya back brother!!

  2. I'm a knife nut so I'll have to check out your facebook page. Glad you're back.