Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Norsemans better half?????

Guess it's time to introduce myself and say Hi.  My name is Angel, I'm Norseman's better half :) and 
I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to blogging!  I probably won't say much, I will leave that to the old man, but what I can do is show you tons of pictures of all the cool stuff that Norseman does on a daily basis!  We are new to putting down roots in one place and are now trying to figure out how to build our self-sufficient Homestead!  It is very exciting!  If anyone has and tips, tricks, recommendations, or past experiences, please share!  I would love to hear from you!  :)  Here are some pictures from the past week or so for you to enjoy. 

My guys building a brooder box for some baby chicks.

My finished brooder box!

A couple of my peeps!  I started with 6 Araucana and 6 Silver laced Wyandotte's for my egg layers. I then added 12 Buff Orpingtons for my meat/dual purpose birds.  I hope I picked a few roosters so I can grow my flock at home.  Yes I picked all 24 chicks out personally :)  I wanted the prettiest chicks!(pictured above Henry on the left and Jr. High on the right)

My Heathen Rabbit hutch that Norseman and our son David built.  I have 2 doe's and a buck, they are about 8 weeks old right now.  I have never eaten rabbit before, hopefully I will like it.  Any recipes would be appreciated!!!
My rabbit hutch opened.  The divider can be pulled out from the back to make one large hutch.

 Our garden freshly plowed, thanks to our neighbor and his tractor!

Our greenhouse we are building from junk laying around.

Farmer Norseman says......Fork You!  :)
 Dangerous Norseman!  He has declared war on the gophers!

Gophers dig shit, Snipers kill shit.....ya can't change nature!  
Norseman 8.......Gophers 0

He has recruited our boys in his blood feud with the gophers!  Good shot Leif!
A little play time!......(between you and me....I think they are gearing up for a new assault on the poor little gophers)
A great evening with great friends!  (pictured from left to right.  David, Cory Rinaldi, Karen Hood, Paula Rinaldi, Trace Rinaldi, Me, Sasha, Norseman and Egil).  Photo by Jesse Hood!