Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun in the sun?

Thought I would share a few pictures I took of the things that we did today.  I love taking pictures!.....it gets me out of work ;)

We went out this morning and finally agreed on a design for our garden!  We wanted it attractive, accessible and cheap.

Then it started to snow!  Actually it was more like hail, wonderful little white balls of pleasure (as seen on Norseman's face).

Didn't stop Norseman.  He is determined to get the garden ready, he didn't even mind when I quit working to enjoy the snow and catch it on my tongue.

Baby girl started throwing snowballs at dad that she had collected from the sides of the tent.  They ended up being more like iceballs though! 
After lunch, and our freak snowstorm, Dad put her to work as punishment for the sneak attack on him ;)
Norseman welding our greenhouse shelves together.
The sum total of todays efforts! 
My stupid foo foo dog drooling over the baby chicks.  She would like to eat them!  Any suggestions on how to make them "best friends" would be appreciated!!!!!
Yet another recruit in the war against the mighty gophers! 
Hope you enjoyed my photos as much as I had taking them!  I am pestering Norseman to blog again himself, but all I get is a grunt from him when I ask :) 

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  1. sounds like Bridgeport weather. We might be getting some of the white stuff at the upper elevations next week after a few weeks of nice sunny weather.