Monday, October 1, 2012

Back on the homefront

This is just a quick post to let you all know that I am back on the home front now.  The knife shop is open and I am trying to settle back into home-life.  I created a facebook page for my knife shop (Survival Hardware) and Ill be back blogging soon.  There is certainly no lack of topics these days politically speaking this place is a shit show.

Does any one else find it strange that the media is referring to every other news outlet as the "MEDIA" and excluding themselves as part of the problem?   HMMM!

Take care folks and pay attention, our political system needs an enema and it just may get one.  You don't want to be caught off guard when that thing goes off.



  1. Good to see you back! Now you need to get your family up to North Idaho. We miss you.

  2. Norseman, This is great news. I prayed for your safe return - for you , your family and our country - We need your kind here in everyday ways. This is a boost to my day. I am looking forward to your knives. I missed your posts... and videos too.. Scouter

  3. Great to have you back and safe, your articles and videos were missed.

  4. Great to hear you made it back from the land of smelly men and goat herders. Is there a link for your knife store page?

  5. Just read the article, pretty good read!

    Met you at the range last year and have been trying to keep up with your blog.

    Glad you all are back safe!