Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Aurora Tragedy

For starters, my heart goes out to all those that were affected by this horrific act.

I am caught in a rift since I am currently serving in Afghanistan and I don’t have a really reliable source of news. Not that any one source is all that reliable these days. I want to focus on a couple points for this post because I have not heard them mentioned yet. I have heard a lot of talk about stricter gun control and I don’t think that is the answer to this particular problem. While guns were the tool of choice for this freak I think that is a good thing (in this case) that he chose to use a firearm. Here is my argument before you all stone me to death.

The shooter obviously had access and knowledge of chemicals and explosives. It is a good thing that he was able to get the guns because if he had decided to make a bomb or worse, a chemical agent this tragedy could have been many times worse. We seem to forget that if a homicidal maniac has his sights on a mass killing he will find a way to make it happen. Chemicals would also not be outside the agenda of the fictitious joker character either. If he was a trained shooter then this could have been much worse, we can consider ourselves lucky that he chose not to go with HIS area of expertise. If he had made a chemical agent would we outlaw science labs because of their potential to do harm? Most people have no idea how easy and cheap it really is to make explosives. We already know that he knows how to do it right. Don’t think for a second that I am in any way defending this asshole. What he did was an evil thing and now watch out for more evil people to use this to their advantage.

There will I am sure, in the weeks and months come, be a ton of evidence that would have potentially predicted his instability. I don’t think that this should open the Pandora ’s Box any wider for the government to give any more power to the DHS or to invade any more of our precious liberties. Our focus should be on the families and survivors of this tragedy and provide support for this community that has already been rocked by a similar event not so long ago.

We should also keep an eye out for those freaks at the WBC who I am sure will use this as an opportunity to preach their message of hate and intolerance. We should also come together to make sure that those who perished should be able to be put to rest without their services being molested by the WBC. I think that their community needs to have a plan to deal with those freaks or they might wish that they had. Lastly, as much as we want to hate this loser, we should refrain from molesting his family and parents. I am sure that they were, up to this point, proud of their son and blind to some of the warnings like any loving, supporting parent would be. This is not the fault of his family. The blame lies with him and him alone. He should be held responsible for his actions and it should be dealt with swiftly and to the letter of the law. If others were involved I am sure that information will come out eventually.

I am sure that all the major mouthpieces will come out of the woodwork to use this to preach their agenda just like they did after Columbine, and other events. Those people are just as bad as the WBC. They preach hate and intolerance, socialism and government control. Please don’t give the assholes a soap box. Remember my earlier warnings in my earlier posts; if you find that what is being said strikes you emotionally, take a step back and examine why. These people are masters of manipulation and it would be a shame to let them manipulate this event to send their one sided messages. Watch the news from the left and the right and make up your own mind. Don’t let the would be puppet masters tell you what to think. Additionally do not forget that this is an election year and both sides will exploit this for their gain. Do not let them distract you from the issues that affect the future of America. There is talk of some conspiracy theories about how he got the money and what his motivations were. I do not think that our Government has enough organization to make this happen. They are simply too bloated at this point to make this kind of a mission work.

There has also been a lot of other distractions soaking up the media attention lately from the Zimmerman shooting to the supposed Zombie attacks . Likewise these are being used as distractions. Do not give them any attention and demand that the news be centered on AMERICAN Issues that affect the livelihood of this country. There is no shortage of debatable issues that will give you information to base your vote on. When you watch the upcoming debates on TV I challenge you to turn off the TV after the debate and ignore the interpretations of the “talking heads” that will twist every word to the advantage of their side. Again, you are intelligent, American taxpaying voters and you should be allowed to make up your own mind free of emotional provocation and quick witted diversions by the right, left and middle.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, stay aware, and stay in control! NM


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