Monday, June 25, 2012

Star gazing

I was sitting in the gravel by the laundry trailer listening to "Tiger Army" and over the glow of the camp the stars caught my eye.  It took about a half of a heartbeat to spot Ursa Major and then Polaris.  And for just that moment I was back on my mountain watching the stars and eating overcooked wild rabbit.  It was a good reminder of home.  Then it occurred to me that I have sought comfort in those stars in more shit holes on this planet than any one man should have to visit.  If you do not know the stars, you should get to know them, it is amazing how comforting they are in shitty times.   NM

BTW The TA song was sea of fire!


  1. I have sougnt out the constalation Orion often and have called him my "post partner" since walking Batalion Guard at Paris Island. From sitting on sensitive items at an air base in Japan to over night presents patrols in Bosnia to shaking off sleep during an OP/ambush on an unnamed mountain in an unknow part of Afghanistan I have looked up at the stars and recieved a mental transportation back to more familure and happier times and places. As a warrior it often only takes a small link to a memory to ease out hearts and bring a small amount of comfort to our bodies.
    MRE Spice Cake does it too.

  2. Thank you for that comment, it really drives the point home. NM