Friday, June 22, 2012

Solving the national debt

Solving the national debt.  

If the government sold advertising on paper money, say a laser printed line on the bottom edge of a dollar bill, at the face value of the bill, our money would be paid for.  The smaller the bill the sooner it would be out of circulation.  The larger the bill the more wealthy the demographic and the longer it would be in circulation.  As the money is destroyed the cost is profit and the ad is expired.  The newly printed money would be sold again.  Eventually in place of a "certificate of debt" we would be exchanging a "certificate of wealth."  Every dollar printed would be paid for with advertising and in time would actually be generating a profit.  What better place to advertise than on the actual money used to buy your products.  How else can you buy an add for a dollar that could end up gaining sales anywhere in the world and stay in circulation for five years or more, and be right there when people are ready to spend money?

Given the choice between two other wise identical items, I would buy the one that is printed on the money,   Why? because they support the economy and they are part of the solution.  I am sure that there are a ton of things that I did not consider on both sides of that argument.  It would actually be more cost effective  and yield better results than getting stickers, business cards, fliers and other swag made and distributed.  It would be advertising gone viral.   Go ahead and give me some feedback in the comments.  Would this work, I don't know but at least I am thinking about solutions, unlike the idiots that are supposed to be doing it. 

Oh and here is the kicker, the government would be pushing for people to spend and use cash not credit and bank cards, less fees, less personal debt, more money to spend and BAM! we are back on top baby.

On another note

 Tonight I was bored so I got into reading back on my blog all the way to the beginning.  Other than a couple of rants I have tried to only post when I have a topic with some measurable value to my faithful readers.  In doing this, It occurred to me that I was defeating my own rule "everything that we experience has some lesson and some value."  Additionally I think that I owe you more than 40 sumpin'  posts per year and even less this year since I am in Afghanistan.  I am in a position now that I should have decent access to the web for a while so I decided to post.  Not just well researched lessons on survival topics and current events.  Ill let you know as much as I can about the day to day random thoughts that crash into my head like the one I just wrote above.  If you get something out of it...great.  If not well, better luck tomorrow.  

If my stats page is correct I have had over 117,000 visits with less than 100 posts in three years.  Even if 100,000 of those hits are me (not likely) 17,000 is still off balance.  So here we go, random crap that pops into my head daily regardless of how valuable I think it is.  Who the hell am I to decide what is valuable to you.  That's your decision to make,  I guess we will see where this turn takes us, 
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  1. Problem solved, Problem staying solved ;-)

  2. I like your thinking on this. Here's another...

    Federal Government has the largest fleet of any organization. How about selling ads on their vehicles? Think NASCAR.

    Obviously, vehicles meant for undercover work would not apply. Also, it would be limited in a way to not obscure the identity of the vehicle. But, that still leaves a lot of latitude.

    Many might think these ideas are "crass", but I bet they'd also think (hope?) that someone else should pay their "share" of the debt.