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received this guest post from Docwatmo some time ago and I didn't have access to my blog to put it up for you.  Thanks for your patience with me.  If you enjoy this you should pop on over to his page and add it to your favorites,  I assure you that he is allot more consistent with his blog than I am with mine .  ENJOY! NM 

What is Survival? 
Survival is a Step, read on and you’ll get the idea.
There has been a lot of discord in the “Survival” world with some trying to classify groups of survivors, which is human nature so we won’t beat it up.  As people we tend to like to categorize things for our own reference.  However, the term survival itself can mean many things.   You survive a car accident, are you a survivor?  Well, what is survival then?  Is it just living, period, doesn’t matter if you’re doing anything other than the basic necessities (Food, water, shelter) to survive?  Many homeless people do that on a 

daily basis.   There are some who feel survival is subsisting primitively in the woods without modern conveniences.  Is that survival?   Some are sitting at home with a garage full of gear and preps to ride out civil unrest, is that survival?  What is Survival?  
When it comes right down to it, Survival is what YOU make of it.  No two people are alike, everyone has strengths and weakness.  One person may be more adapted to surviving in the woods for long periods of time, while someone else may be better adapted to scrounge for food and resources in an urban jungle.  No one person defines survival for you, only you get to decide what your survival is.
One aspect of survival I’d like to touch on is the point of survival.  Survival really isn’t just to be alive.  Survival has a purpose; survival is to be alive, but also to progress, to improve your situation.  Take an example like a plane crash in the remote wilderness; is that a permanent survival situation?  Probably not, your end goal would be to get back to civilization, not just Survive, but to return to a better life than scraping up bugs and eating roots in a jungle.   You survive so that you can see your loved ones again, so you relax in a comfortable chair and not fear an animal is about to pounce on you. 
More likely scenarios such as civil unrest, economic depression or widespread natural disaster.   Even if you have a self-sufficient homestead, or survive the initial event, do you plan to stay isolated the rest of your life, wouldn’t you like to see some of your family and friends again?   Do you scrape out an existence and that is all.  Even more so for the city dweller who had to go to a bug out location and live a minimal existence?  Eventually as things wind down we want to get back to a better life, where we can sleep a full night without having to be on guard all the time, where you can spend time doing thing you want to do rather than things you have to do.
No survival is not the thing, survival is simply a step to the thing, and that thing is living.  Not just being alive, but living, doing the things you enjoy, being with the people you want to be with.  Just don’t get so complacent in the modern conveniences and systems that you can’t survive.   Just be aware that there is more to life than just living.  Make sure you have a purpose to live for other than just breathing.
Survival is a step, Take that step, but don’t stop walking, don’t just survive, thrive!
Many happy trials to all


  1. Thanks for the shout out Norseman! Can't say I've been very consistent lately, but with the summer approaching my boys and I can get out more often and do some more gear testing. Keep your head down and stay safe brother.

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