Saturday, December 10, 2011

Much adoo about knives!

If you read back on my blog to about thanksgiving of last year you will see my "24 hour knife project".  I still have that knife as it was my first REAL hand made knife.  Since then  I have built my knife shop, aquired gear and equipment, aquired buckets of knowledge, met a few knife makers, made more than a few knives and somehow during this I have developed my own processes and a couple of products.  All that in my limited spare time and uncommitted weekends.  There is  a definate advantage to learning a new skill.  Now I will consider myself a knife maker and I am happy to join in that trade.  The difference that you have to remember with me is that I have been a daily knife user all of my life and I started making knives because I was sick of modifying other knives to meet my standards and needs. 

Well I have been working my ass off this weekend to get some knives done.  I am happy with the way that things are progressing and I am actually starting to work out a system to get these done so I am not just relearning the process every time I make a knife.  That is a big bonus for me because I can now make them available to you.  It will still take me a while to make them because I have very few actual supplies on hand.  The ordering process is this:  You order the knife you want from me via email (, then you and I discuss the model, colors and other options via email.  When we are both satisfied that I can provide you what you want I will order the materials and you send me a check for the agreed price.  I will build the knife ans per our agreement and mail it off to you insured.  For the time being that is the best way to do business that I can figure out so if you want one let me know and we can get to work.  Check out the blades below, and start planning how you want yours made.

A collection from this weekend

Bushcrafter (dough boy) 1/8" 1095 steel, canvas micarta handle, brass pins, blued finish

Bushcrafter (huntsman) 1/8" 1095 steel, G-10 handle, brass pins, blued finish

Bushcrafter (baby doll) 1/8"  1095 steel, G-10 handle, brass pins, blued finish

Survivology 3/16"  O1 steel, linen micarta handle, brass pins, blasted finish

SERE 3/16" O1 steel, 550 cord wrap, blasted finish

The Bushcrafter is 1/8" 1095 High Carbon and available blued or bead blasted, Handle scales are G-10 with just about any color you want. PRICE IS 190.00 plush shipping.

The Survivology is 3/16" O1 tool steel, and available in a variety of handle colors and materials (may affect price) blasted finish or blued finish. PRICE IS 300.00 plus shipping

SERE is 3/16" O1 tool steel, available with about any cord wrap colors you want, blued or blasted finish. PRICE IS 150.00 

The sheaths are simple leather pouch style sheath with rivit construction.  You can see them bleow in earlier posts.  I am working on learning how to make Kydex sheaths but that is not an option yet. 


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