Monday, November 21, 2011

Update as of late!

Greetings Survivologists, I thought that I would give a quick update as to my latest projects:

Recently I joined a project called the "Brothers of Bushcraft".  Below is a link to the home page and we are also on facebook so give it a looksee.  It is still in the developmental phase and the project will undoubtedly have some highs and lows over the coming years.  I am extremely excited to be a part of this union and I envision great things in the future to benefit the entire world of wilderness educators and students.  Please visit the web site and check back often for updates.  The cause is noble or I wouldn't be a part of it, you have my word on that.

Brothers of Bushcraft web page
Brothers of Bushcraft facebook

I have developed a grading system for knife reviews that I am eager to throw at you all,  It starts with a stats sheet that I call the "vitals"  it contains all the important information on the knife such as intended use, maker, steel, grind, weight, balance and dimensions.  There are more vitals but you get the point.  The vitals sheet will cover what the manufacturer advertises, then my findings and measurements, and a column for notes and special remarks on the carry system and special features.  This will be followed by a written review with pictures and or a companion video of the blade in use.  The point is that the review will be fair and impartial without being tainted by personal preference.  I designed it to give you accurate information on the usability of the knife without all the hoopla, drama and personal interest.  In saying that: Mike Fuller at Tops knives has been gracious enough to extend me a blade to present to you for the initial review.  That is a big leap of faith on his part considering that it has never been done in this manner before.  I am hoping to get some work done on that this weekend. 

Lastly I have one of my handmade 01 tool steel knives available for sale.  The sheath is left handed but I can make a right handed one if you prefer, I like them left handed because I occasionally wear a pistol on the right, I always have a pistol on the right "in country" and when I wear the knife on the right it is blade forward which I prefer.  If you do not prefer the same then let me know.  The case is all rivet and seam glue construction with no threads to wear out, burn, rot or break.  The price is 300.00 first come first served, I only have the one available at the moment but Ill try to get some more made before Yule.  This is a good opportunity to get that special someone a one of a kind, hand made, heirloom quality blade for the holiday season.

email me if you want it: 

Sorry guys...already gone, less than 24 hours, feel free to email me if you want one though.

Be well, Norseman


  1. Beautiful blade Brother! You are doing great work already.

  2. Thanks bro, They will get prettier in time but they are about as functional as a knife can get. Many, many years went into this design and I am very excited to be able to finally offer them to the public.