Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Political SALT

The more that I look at our system of government the more upset that I get.  I have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foriegn and domestic.  It seems to me that those are becomming only token phrases.  What power does the individual service member have to protect the constitution within the walls of the country?  Some of those that are seeking to destroy it are our bosses or hold powerful offices that effect our livlihood.  

A funny story:  The other day I was in the yard with a few other vets and we were having a beer and being brotherly.  Along comes this kid on a bycycle and hands me this flier.  He said "I am running for state senate and I would like your support".  My reply was "how old are you?"  He answered 25.  I asked if he had ever been in the military and he produced a stupid look.  Well what are your plans to help veterans in the state if you get the seat?  He started into a WELL REHURSED speach about his platform that requires all people that are receiving gov funding to fill out applications that would be automatically submitted for job openings, BLA BLA BLA.  What the hell does that have to do with Vets! Nothing, he replied but government spending BLA BLA BLA.  So you are asking for our support and we dont get your support?  He replied, there is nothing that I can do at the state level to help vets.  One of the vets said, try looking people in the eyes when you lie to them boy! How much are you going to make as a state senator, we asked?  Only 10K a year {smirk} plus benifits.  Get the fuck out of here boy!  There are only three types of people in this country.  Vets, Those that are UNABLE to serve, and those that are UNWILLING to serve.  You "BOY" are not wanted here.  He replied, Im done here anyway!

The reason that I mentioned that story is that it is so sad to me that a NEW politition is starting out by following all the bad exmples of people that we are trying to replace.  Have we been so screwed up for so long that there are no more good examples to follow?

Think of our system of government and all of its parts as a fine meal prepared by a master chef.  With just the right combination of ingreedents and spices.  Now for the final ingreedent, A PINCH OF SALT, to bring out the flavor and keep it interesting.  In adding that dash of salt it appears that the lid fell off the container and dumped all of the salt into the meal.  There is no ammount of spices and herbs to repair that or hide that bitter taste.  The only course of action is to cut your losses, toss out the meal and start a new one.



  1. Very well said! I love the metaphors you used. Dare I say, it was done "tastefully" ;-) lol

  2. My father served two tours of duty in Vietnam one with the Amy and the other with the marines he was wounded in his final tour and suffered his whole life from it but he still had to work his ass off everyday to give us the best. looking back on it I was so selfish as a teen wanting all the new expensive crappy shit no one really needs my father fought with the va so much and was in and out of va hospitals that were horrible at best still he could only get 10% disability out of them till he was 68 and full of cancer then the va gave him 100% I always thought about running for some kind of office and doing something to help ppl like my father but never did always thought it would be like beating a dead horse still I think I copies of been helpful to vets....... William Myers