Thursday, August 11, 2011

Think like a survivalist

Think like a survivalist scientist!
In order to train for survival it is important that you think more like a scientist than an outdoors man.  It is a process of discovery with a lot of trial and error.  The simple rules that you learned in junior high science  class are more applicable to this process than you might think. 

Science is about exploration and discovery not about repeating past experiments.  Not to many great scientists are remembered for repeating the deeds of those that came before them.  They do, however, expand and build on those previous discoveries.  In all fields that I can think of, the great ones are remembered as such because they dared to do what previously could not be done.  They did this both  through an understanding of the subject and a clear goal to accomplish the task.  It should look like this

1. Ask a question...If all I have available is X and I need to make a Z how can that be done?

2. Gather information...What is the relationship between X and Z, What are the similarities and the differences, what is the minimum requirement for Z to exist.

3. Form a theory...If I reorganize X and substitute certain parts it should be able to work as a Z.

4. Conduct the experiment..reorganize X and see what happens.

5. Observe and record the results...Were the results what you expected? Were there unforeseen results?  Did it work?  What, if any, parts failed to meet the expectation?  Why did they fail?  What other resources do I have to add to the equation? What other resources do I need to make it work?  What can I use to substitute those resources with what I have available?

6.  Refine the theory...By gathering the new resources or refining the old theory make a new theory and predict its outcome.

7.  Repeat the experiment....repeat the experiment and if the desired result is not accomplished do it again and again until it works. 

It IS possible to get fire from water given that you understand how fire works and you can improvise certain material and have the right conditions for the experiment.  Knowing that is possible should break down all survival barriers.  All things are possible if you are resourceful and have the ability to think like a scientist. 

Go forth and discover your inner survivalist scientist.


  1. What an amazing blog! As a passionate survivologist and a keen science geek; I absolutely loved this article! Thanks :)

  2. Thanks for the comment, it is nice to know that the blog is appreciated. NM