Friday, August 5, 2011

One of a kind collectable hoodlum blade

I returned home from Ron Hood's memorial celebration the other day and Ill say that I had the opportunity to meet some very special people.  One of these persons was Richard Neyman.  He collected some memorabilia from the event and a few select signatures to donate a very special version of the Buck/Hoodlum blade for an auction.  The proceeds from this auction will benefit the Ron Hood Memorial Foundation and help to send Jessie to college.

This is a noble gesture from Richard so visit the auction and support him if you can afford to do so.  This is truly a collectible blade and one of a kind with this finish on it.

The signatures on the box are:

Jesse Hood (Rons young son),

Karen Hood (Rons wife),
Norseman (me) helped test the original Hoodlum pprototype before it was made by TOPS Knives
Mike Fuller (CEO of TOPS Knives)
CJ Buck (CEO of BUCK Knives)

comes with:
Signed Box by some wonderful people,
Hand written COA by Mr CJ Buck,
Ron Hood Memorial Flyer and a Ron Hood Memorial Sticker.....


Many more picture on the auction site

Hoodlum blade on ebay

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