Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As you can see the BLOG has been under some major construction the last few days.  I have tried and retried many different formats and styles.  This is what I have ended up with.  I finally created a blog logo for survivology 101 and I am fond of the many different meanings that can be applied to that little impossible triangle.

For starters it is all about perspective because it is seemingly impossible, simple at first glance and more complicated the more you look.  It can represent Maslows' hierarchy of needs, or it can represent the fire triangle which is a much needed tool for survival.  It can represent the art science, and psychology, of survival, and how  they interact and never end. By far the simplest and probably most profound representation would be a fulcrum.  The basis for the first machine developed by cave man engineers and a staple in the laws of applied force.  The fulcrum allows you to use leverage to overcome a much greater load.  Much the same as the principals of Survivology101 allow you the leverage to overcome daily survival based adversities.  And it is also a little bit twisted, just like me.

There will be some minor construction as I clean up and re size the banners, Ill also be moving things around a bit.  There are multiple options for subscribing to the site and it is visually a bit more pleasing.  Thanks for stopping by and remember: Survival is a discipline of attitude, knowledge, skills and actions. Survival is not mandatory!

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