Thursday, August 18, 2011

Consider community education in your quest for self reliance

I get the occasional email that asks me how to go about learning certain skills, or what is a good resource for "XYZ".  The simple answer is community education programs.  Most communities have some sort of an adult education center that offers a large program of available classes INCLUDING wilderness survival and other outdoor skills.

I was just looking in our local program and they offer everything from fencing to yoga, web design, canning and even extreme couponing.  This is a resource that is available to everyone, and it gets you out of the cave and into the world where you can learn and experience.  The prices and schedules vary from a one night workshop for a couple bucks to a six week program for a few more dollars.  I cannot imagine that anyone could not find at least one interesting subject at an affordable rate with a time schedule that you could manage.  This like many other resources is there for you to benefit from.  Life is all about getting as many experiences as you can manage, so you might be surprised what you can learn.  A basket weaving class for instance, could refine your ability to flemish natural cordage and build useful tools in a self reliance situation.  Go check it out, you might be pleasantly surprised. 


  1. I learn better in a hands on class than by reading a book. How happy I'd be to find a canning class nearby. I wish more skillful people would offer classes in canning, dehydrating food, container gardening, etc. They'd make money and I'd learn a skill!

  2. Have you checked at your local community center? Caning classes are usually really popular.