Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another sad day in the life!

The other day I heard on the news about a helicopter crash in Afghanistan that killed 31 American servicemen, That is a tragedy and I suppose that I am getting as numb to it as any other American.  We see it on the news with our morning coffee and we say "boy that is a tragedy, then we add our two cents and carry on with the day.  What didn't make the news that day is that one of my closes friends in the Marine Corps also died with another member of his patrol in an unrelated incident. 

It is sad that the media gets to pick and choose which of the lives lost are newsworthy.  In my opinion they should start each days broadcast with a reading of those that have fallen since the last broadcast.  Problem is that would bum out the viewers and that's not good for ratings.  The way that news is reported is a disgrace and I cannot see how any self respecting journalist would ever seek employment from these smut peddlers.  Enough of the rant.

Sgt Joshua Robinson of the 1st Battalion 5th Marines out of Camp Pendleton, Died on patrol outside Sangen in Helmand Provence Afghanistan, He is survived by his young wife Rhonda and two wonderful young sons.  The world has lost a warrior today, a man who volunteered to deploy and aggressively sought orders out of the school where he was an instructor.  He joined the battalion 1/5, completed the pre-deployment training and enthusiastically executed his duties as a Marine Scout Sniper team leader.  His dedication to service and duty to the United States of America SHOULD NOT GO UNNOTICED!  He lived a warriors life and he died a warriors death.  Josh often volunteered to teach survival and tracking classes with me and independent of me both on and off duty.  He was a friend as true as they come, he would stand back to back with his bro's against the most dire odds and on more than one occasion has done just that.  He could fight his way thorough a bar brawl with the biggest and toughest of men then lick his wounds and have a beer.  He was everything that a Marine should be and he will be missed by all.  AMERICA IS WEAKER WITHOUT HIM. 


Here is an online news article about Josh.
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  1. He was an exceptional young man. I was proud to have know him.

  2. I live in his home state. It makes me proud that neither he nor his service and dedication to his country and fellow Americans is forgotten here. Most radio and TV stations have mentioned the loss of this fine man. It is indeed a travesty that the main stream media has not given enough attention to all of the patriots that have sacrificed everything to protect our way of life. To Sgt. Robinson and the rest of the men and women that serve, I say thank you.