Saturday, July 2, 2011

Youth Sponsership for the Pathfinder Gathering Sept 23-28th 2011

 As I have a bunch of children myself, I am always in favor of helping to educate our youth.  There is no greater reward for a child than to become comfortable in the wilderness.  It excites me every day that I take my kids fishing hunting or just woods bumming and I have to reel them in.  That is not because they are careless but because they are comfortable in that environment.  Sadly, not all children have or will ever have the opportunity to experience the wilderness to that level.

I have re posted the below post from Dave Canterbury (Pathfinder) site in order to help support his efforts.  He is doing a good thing to help educate children and his latest effort to set up a fund to sponsor less fortunate children to attend the Pathfinder Gathering, is in keeping with his character.  Please help to support his efforts if you are able.  Consider it an investment in the future and it could have a positive and lasting impact on the rest of the life of one of the lucky children chosen to attend.

Me and my son Leif fishing, yesterday!

---FROM Dave Canterbury (Pathfinder) FACEBOOK---
As you know we are working on a sponsership program to bring underprivelaged youth or those whos family cannot afford the trip to be able to attend the gathering. I had posted about this a while ago and had a great response. Here are the current thoughts.... It is not feasable for individuals to sponser individual families or children due to differing expenses in travel. What I propose is a fund set up through the Pathfinder school to take donations so that we can utilize this fund to select a group of youths 5-10 and one member of their family. This sponsership will include travel expenses and equipment for the youth to participate in all hands on training classes and events at the gathering. So what I propose is we set up a fund with donations through the Pathfinder School. After we get X amount we will begin the selection process by video or e-mail submission by the youths on why they want to come to the gathering as a sponsered youth. After each is selected thier video or letter will be posted on my fan page for all to see. Equipment and supplies for each child will be purchased through the Canteen Shop, Survival Resources, and The pathfinder School and I am sure I can speak for them saying that equipment for this will be provided at or near cost for this cause. I truley appreciate the family we have on this page and the never ending quest to pass on the tribal knowledge to our youth. Submission for sponsership will begin as soon as funds permit. For information on how to donte to this cause please call 317-544-8886. If you are interested in being considered for sponsership please be patient and we will let you know when the time comes.

By: Dave Canterbury (Pathfinder)


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