Saturday, November 27, 2010

Inspiration comes in many forms

I am not quite sure that this post fits into the topic of useful.  If nothing else maybe it will inspire you to get out there and make some shit from the crap that you have lying around.  Everything has a use in Survivology but the real talent lies in recognizing the potentional in something and having the knowledge to make it fit the need or live up to its potential.  It is a life long persuit and many of the skills learned can be useful in other areas.  for example; there is a crooked knife that I made from a hoof knife that I found.  I used the crooked knife to make a spoon and  a kuksa.  Now I have  a tool that I made and learned how to use.  I hope that this thread inspires some of your own creativity but if not at least you know that I practice what I preach.

If you double click on the pictures it will give you a view of the full size image.  If the image dosent display correctly then right click on it and click on the "show image" tab.  It should reload the image without reloading the entire page.

Various leather working crafts and projects.

Two leather (one piece) knife sheaths.  In a pinch this type of sheath can be made out of anything you have lying around from cardboard to birch bark.

My 12 hour knife project.

Two more leather knife sheath projects, the one on the right has a custom kydex insert, the knife is from Luke Swenson.

Two axe projects with handmade leather sheaths and handmade handles, the large one is a home depot hatchet that I re hardened and temperd then added a hand made hickory handle and leather sheath.  The small one is handmade from Norway, I made the zebra wood handle and the leather sheath.
A pine kuksa that I made with my home made crooked knife.

A belt holster wet formed for a WSI firestarter and a Case Trapper knife
A deer tine ceramic sharpner, I used the deer tine as a tool to wet form some leather projects.

Some arrow points that I made from flakes found while wandering the forest. 

My zebra wood light bushcraft kit.

A gourd bowl that I made at Dirt Time 08, it is filled with obsedian flakes that I found around the forest. 

This is my primative fire kit, I made the striker from an old file.  I made the leather bag from some scrap that I had lying around.

Zebra wood handle scales that I made for my ATAX.  I just thought that it needed a little custom flare, it was a gift from Ron and Karen Hood so it required a little special treatment.

A crooked knife that I made by re shaping a hoof knife that I found.
Various projects fire striker, steel cloak pin, ceramic sharpner, and a net needle.

A couple of spoons, the top one was coal burned and the bottom was made with my home made crooked knife.

A zebra wood spoon and a net needle that I made last night with the knife that I made on Thanksgiving.

I don't know if this inspired you do something or not.  I get alot of inspiration from seeing the projects completed by other people so I just thought that I would give a little back and showcase some of my own.  Rather you found this post useful or not; thanks for looking and come back soon.  I am sure that I will have something useful for you on here soon.


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  1. Thanks for the inspiration man! Very nice craftsmanship.