Friday, September 3, 2010

The University of Life

Life has a certain few lessons that you MUST learn. The sooner that you learn them the easier the blow.  If the lesson is not hard won then it will soon be forgotten and the next time life rotates that lesson back to you it is a little more destructive. Eventually, it will be learned and the consequence can be great, where it would have been inconsequential if learned the first time around.  Sometimes you must ignore good advise, go out and learn the lesson the hard way.

If you are a five year old on the play ground and you mess with a "big kid" and get knocked on your ass; lesson learned.  Fast foreword 20 years and that same lesson could cost you a hospital visit.

I'm just running around the playground punching big kids in the face to get the lessons out of the way before the consequence is too great. I would hate to learn these lessons when my livelihood depends on my success.  So for those that are too afraid to experience life get out and make some mistakes.  Likewise let your children make their own mistakes, it does not serve them well to lay out all the answers for them.  Sure you are older and wiser but you had to learn those lessons the hard way and so do they. 

I figured out the patterns and the lessons that I know now sitting alone in the wilderness analyzing where I went wrong.  You will come up with answers to questions that you didn't even know you had.  Doing a 12 or 24 hour sit out is a great and ancient way to clear your head when life gets you bogged down.  Bring nothing for entertainment, just a blanket and some water,  sit on the blanket and observe nature and let your head settle down.  The problem with most people is that they never learned how to sit back and analyze when the shit gets to heavy to bear. I have a system for working this out and now so do you.

Some times you have to deal with assholes against your better judgement, fortunately it helps to learn the finer points of recognizing them in the future, all assholes smell the same. A wise old man named Ron Hood once told me "never trust a perfumed man in a stinky society" now that is some great advise but for that to work you gotta know what perfume smells like. Its all part of the pattern. I consider it the University of Life and the class is Survivology 101, you can't cheat because the answer key does not hold the answers.


  1. There sure are a lot of big kids out there to punch, arent there!

    Well said, Im really enjoying this.