Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Willy Wonka and the War Machine

WARNING: This is just a daily rant.

Sometimes being in the military is like working at WillieWonkas' cocolate factory.  You have a ton of Umpa-loompas  running around like they have the most important job in the factory and you should drop everything and appease them.  Around every corner is a new and terrifying adventure that defies all logic and common sense.  Nothing is as it appears and the rules of order do not apply. 

Then there is the man himself, somehow Mr. Wonka manages to keep it all rolling along and functioning in an apparently productive manner.  No wonder the walls are high and the doors are locked.  What you see in the window is only an illusion.  Sure does make for good entertainment though. I suspect that most offices and workplaces appear to be the same on occasion.


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