Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poetry is meditation and survival

There is something wonderful about the excitement you feel when you read a poem for the first time and it truly touches you.  It dosen't have to be a masterful work as long as it feels like it was written special for you.  Even better is when you have something to get off your chest and compose a poem to do it.  It is an important step in developing a strong mind. 

Poetry in all its forms from the Japanese haiku to the complicated Old Norse drōtt-kvætt opens the mind to different thought explorations, kennings and illeterations that allow you to express yourself in a non customary manner. Poetry is right up there with music and art, it is the language of the soul.  Poetry and the ability to deliver it verbally will be a skill in much demand when the power goes out and we are once again left up to our own devices to amuse and entertain ourselves.  1000 years ago a good poet or story teller was not only welcome but in high demand in the highest courts in the land.  Probably one of the most underrated long term survival skills, and defiantely one worth developing now with all the resources at hand.

Write a short poem and share it in the comments box.  It will feel good I swear it!
Here is one of mine written after my second combat tour.

"Warriors Will"

Battle torn, worn, and weak, I stand in line to fight.
The wolf is hungry for his meat, which Ill not be tonight.
My sword I raise above my head, and sound my battle horn.
Odin, if you hear me, my allegience has been sworn.
The strength of Thor is in me, Ill not fall as prey.
With Tyr along to guide me, Ill find victory this day.
My brothers lay before me, in battle they've been beat.
They died like noble norsemen, so in Vallholl we'll meet.
Battle torn, worn, and weak, this conflict has run long.
The wolf has had his fill of meat, but the warriors will is strong.


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  1. This one is for Duke, my German Shepherd.

    Yellow and black.
    Big ears, Big heart.
    My best friend, gone.
    For a while now.
    I still miss you.
    So much.