Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Knowing what to do does not get the job done.

I spent the day in Reno shopping with my wife and  kids and it was getting late, so we decided to stay at a hotel and continue in the morning.  Now usually I leave the wife and kids outside while I "toss" the room, that is to say I check every nook and cranny.  Sometimes you find, porn, weapons, money, pictures or maybe even drugs so I do it for the safety of the kids. 

Who knows what they might find?  Knowing better we just went in and ordered a pizza then hit the pool before it closed.  When we returned we just got showers and hit the rack.  In the morning I tossed the room before checkout partly to make sure that we did not forget anything.  Lo and behold under one of the mattresses was a used syringe.  I can only imagine if one of my toddlers found that while I was sleeping.  The key take away is this: If you know better but do not do it for some reason, you will almost always wish that you had.  That is a simple truth applicable to many more situations than tossing a hotel room. 

The hotel was the Airport Plaza La Quinta, on Market Street in Reno NV.  When I reported it to the desk they were embarrassed but no amends were made.  Stay there at your own risk, because survival is not mandatory.



  1. OMG They should have comped your room and called the local PD. They are idiots! The liability alone should have made them kiss your ass. (free rooms for life) I bet they just tossed the damn syringe in their trash. This would definately be taken to a Corp. Complaint Department.

  2. but something also tells me. You told them like it is! :)