Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Journey

Here is a poem that I originally wrote years ago for another purpose but I have recently modified it to relate to this blog.  ENJOY!

"The Journey"

Lets go back in time my friend when life was not so clear,
A mans entire lively hood balanced on the year.
The harvest that he reaped in fall was stored for winter food,
Men were strong and women too, there lives were harsh and crude.

The gods these Norse folk worshiped are a brave and noble breed,
Although they may have had some faults, each one filled a need.
A model for the folk this set, and on it they relied,
On clan and kin they did depend, together they all thrived.

Lets go back in time my friend, when life was not so kind,
You need not go to far from home and enemies you'd find.
Most men were fierce in battle and true to a good friend,
But if you were an untrue man you'd meet a cowards end.

History repeats its self in time, that's what they say,
So it is time that we begin to live a better way.
Survival is the way we think, not dress and party games,
For us it is a way of life and prepers we remain.

Lets go back in time my friend, to yesterday and see,
What have you done in preparation for the final plee.
The answer should be easy if survival you defend,
But if its not, then you have got, a long journey left my friend.


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