Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have been doing some updating at Survivology 101, you may have noticed the new color scheme to make it easier on the eyes.  My most recent updates include a resource bar on the left that includes the following links to help you with your disaster planning.  There are many many more but to many people these few links represent possible immediate threats to your health and well being.  I am hoping that it will help you get started making a plan to keep you and yours safe and secure no matter what momma nature throws at you. 
FEMA Disaster Prep, NOAA Geothermal Activity, NOAA Tsunami, FAA Flight delays, DHS Threat Level, FDA Recalls, NOAA Weather, NOAA Volcanoes, NOAA Floods, NOAA Hurricane, NOAA Tornado, NAVTEQ Traffic, USGS Eearthquakes, NIFC Wildfires, CDC Vaccines and immunizations

I have also included a few sidebar links to some sites that will provide you with an immeasurable amount of information on all aspects of survival.  Keep in mind that these are not sponsors or paid adds, these are people and companies that I know personally and do business with or communicate with quite often.  There will be more as we progress in this project. 

I hope this information gives you a leg up on your planning and personal education, after all Survivology is a never ending search for all things related to surviving and thriving in uncertain times, because after all, Survival is not mandatory.

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