Monday, August 23, 2010

Survival is not mandatory!

For sarters visit and listen to Jack.  He has his finger on the pulse of modern survivalism and his advise is Sage.  We differ in some opinions and agree on most it is well worth your time to give him a listen.      --Norseman

From the beginning of man on this planet we have sought better ways to provide for our needs and still leave enough time to enjoy the gift of life.  Hunters turned to ranchers and foragers turned to farmers throughout the evolution of man. 

The thing that they had in common for thousands of years is that they were all producers in one form or another.  Now in these modern times we have become a society of consumers and we produce very little for ourselves.  Our needs however have not changed at all, only the manner in which we provide for them.

Our basic needs revolve around shelter, water, food, security, health, companionship, and entertainment.  These are the most primal of all needs.  Throughout history these have been the elements that have allowed people to prevail and colonate all but the most harsh regions on this planet.  We have come to a point that we no longer have to struggle for these needs and pay them little attention.  In short we take them for granted, but if you were to remove any of those needs from our effortless grasp it would immediately become apparent.

Survival is not about running off to the woods and making a fire and shelter from the natural materials around you.  It is about providing for those needs, producing for yourself, and sustainable living.  Primitive survival skills are a great backup but take it from me,  running wild and free in the wilderness is a painful and humbling experience that would not be my first choice.  So if you look at it in a modern light we are all survivalists but the truly survival minded individual will always be aware of these needs and make preparations to ensure that they can always be met with as little effort as possible.  Gardening, raising livestock, storing food on rotation, maintaining healthy relationships with family,friends and community are all examples of modern survivalism.  Long gone are the days when to be classified as a survivalist you had to have a stockpile of MRE's and a bomb shelter in the back yard.  The survivalist in modern times is likely to be your local shopkeeper, banker, or school teacher.  These survivalists may keep weapons and train to use them but they are not militant wackos.  They may store food but they are not cultists looking to wait out the apocalypse.  They may  make efforts to be self sufficient but they are not hermits.  They are financially responsible, community minded, moral, and friendly people that will go out of their way to teach other how to live a better life.  They are the future of the human race and the numbers are growing stronger by the day.

Religions are many, political views are wide, race, creed and color are irrelevant.  They are the keepers of the flame and I am proud to count myself among them.  Join the modern survival revolution and reap the daily rewards of a happy healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  Join the revolution of producers and leave the consumers to haggle over the scraps, because survival is not mandatory.

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