Saturday, August 28, 2010

Balance is the governer of the world

I thought that I would share something with you that falls in line with all of my ramblings about reoccurring patterns and learning to pay attention to them. 

Well my last post was about killing those damb pesky rodents that are invading my home.  While out this afternoon I was chopping wood in my front yard to prepare for the coming winter.  My wife said that she had seen a snake and I ran over there to discover what looked like a rattlesnake.  It even moved like a rattle snake.  I grabbed a rake pinned its head down and cut the head off of it.  When it was dead I realized that this snake didn't have a rattle but it sure looked like one.  As it turns out is was a Pacific gopher snake.  It was one of my best allies in my war against the rodents and I killed it.  So for the two mice that I killed last night now I have saved at least that many more.  It is a strange world that we live in when it can balance itself out so perfectly every time. 

I just thought that I would share that with you.

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